Key issues 2018

Providers in South Dakota and across the nation are experiencing a workforce crisis. While the reasons are complex and intertwined, the crisis is recruitment and retention of quality direct care staff. The crisis is characterized by high turnover rates, low wages, stressful environments. Click on the links below to see how the crisis has affected SD providers and a more national perspective on the crisis from the American Network for Community Options and Resources (ANCOR).

CSP of SD 2018 Legislative Position Paper
Addressing the Disability Services Workforce Crisis of the 21st Century 2017

Workforce Crisis

CSP of SD 2018 Legislative Position Paper

Adequate funding is related to the workforce crisis in many ways, primarily in the sense that wages for direct care staff cannot be raised unless funding increases. With this in mind, other pressures affect the CSP's ability to deliver services and include normal increases in costs (e.g. transportation, benefits, technology, utilities, workmans' compensation insurance etc.) and pressures from unfunded federal mandates (e.g. the HCBS Settings final rule). At the center of these factors is the CSP's reliance on Medicaid funding. Our members are approximately 78% reliant on Medicaid dollars to fund services and do not have the income diversification to raise wages, or compensate for diminishing rates. Private insurance also does not cover the critical services that CSPs provide. 

Adequate Funding of Services

All people are susceptible to crisis and the people we provide services to are no different in this respect. What is different, is the individual's and the CSP's ability in accessing quality crisis services. When a person receiving services by a CSP experiences a behavioral or mental illness related crisis, often times they are turned away by the major hospital systems leaving families and CSPs in extremely difficult circumstances. If CSPs are to continue providing community based services, then access to community services is imperative.  

Crisis Services and Supports