Why are Services are Important

Nationally there are approximately 6.5 million people that have an intellectual or developmental disability and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 15% of children aged 3 to 17 have one or more developmental disabilities. 


demand for services

Demand for services continues to rise and can be attributed to three primary factors: an increase in autism and other developmental disability diagnoses, caregiver aging, and the aging of the Baby Boomer population. In addition to these factors, a recent 2017 CDC report found that prevalence of children with developmental disabilities is on the rise in the US. This ultimately puts more strain on an already strained workforce.

complexity of services

Over the years, services have increased in their complexity and scope. Providers and caregivers are responsible not only for basic care, but also complex medical and nutritional needs, crisis supports, behavioral intervention, regulatory compliance, documentation and reporting, and an array of assessments.  



desire for inclusion and independence 

Most importantly, our services are about inclusion and helping people live the lives of their choosing and our services facilitate this process.